"we pass our experience forward to help you make the best decisions"

One-on-one sparring with senior executives

The Strategy Counsel is available for corporate decision makers who, from time-to-time, want to discuss the decisions they are about to make with someone who has been in a similar situation. The Strategy Counsel offers short-term, one-on-one sparring sessions with experienced senior executives, matched with you based on your role, company and sector and the specific business related topic of your choice

Pass our experience forward

Strategy Counsels are themselves senior corporate decision takers, who want to pass their experience forward and bring substantial gravitas to challenge your ideas. They quickly grasp your context and add their own to bring new insights, challenge your ideas and help you make the best decisions possible.

Charitable donations

The Strategy Counsel is a paid service because we believe that free advice is generally not considered valuable. However, most of our Strategy Counsels donate their counseling-income to charity.

Confidentiality guaranteed

Our Clients bring sensitive business issues for discussion, which is why our Strategy Counsels are fully committed to client-counsel confidentiality and why you will never be matched to a Counsel with a potential conflict of interest.


High impact

To ensure that you will have the highest-impact sparring sessions possible, we take great pride in matching you with a Strategy Counsel with the right seniority and the most relevant experience for your unique situation and specific discussion topic of choice.


Strategy Counsels are senior executives who speak from experience, immediately understand your situation, have a clear vision and are not afraid to tell you the truth

Unique Match

Your environment and the topics you want to discuss constantly change. We will therefore make a unique match each time you ask for a Strategy Counsel


Being corporate decision makers themselves, Strategy Counsels fully understand the sensitivity of the business information you entrust them with